Connecting society via networks and entertainment

VodafoneZiggo is making an important contribution to the top position of the Netherlands in the European digital infrastructure rankings. With its fixed and mobile networks, VodafoneZiggo plays an important role in keeping society connected. As the market leader in the field of the Internet of Things, we develop innovative solutions together with our partners. We bring passion and excitement to our customers’ living rooms with our exclusive range of entertainment, such as Movies & Series and Ziggo Sport.

In addition to the continued focus on further enhancing our networks, VodafoneZiggo will be focussing on the contribution our technology makes to society. In order to really help achieve an inclusive and green society, we have made our sustainability and social goals an integral part of our business strategy.

In this way, VodafoneZiggo is making a valuable contribution for customers, investors, employees, suppliers, government and Dutch society.

Foreword by our CEO Jeroen Hoencamp

Our impact in 2020

  • network

  • financial

  • nature

  • people

  • services and products

  • customer appreciation

  • social partners

People, Planet, Progress

VodafoneZiggo is a daily presence in the lives of millions of people and we are proud of the positive influence that our products and services are having on society. However, our ambitions and responsibilities go beyond this. Under the title ‘People, Planet, Progress’, we are introducing our new CSR ambitions for 2025: to halve our environmental impact and to help two million people to move forward in society.

Highlights of 2020

Ziggo announces biggest ever gigabit rollout of almost 700,000 connections

Vodafone the first to offer customers nationwide 5G now

VodafoneZiggo sets long-term policy of more working from home

The world around us

We differentiate between and analyse trends, so that we can adapt to new developments. We enter into discussion with various stakeholders in order to know what’s going on in the world around us and which role they envision therein for VodafoneZiggo.

How we create value for our stakeholders

In order to properly analyse our impact on society, we have set out the value we create for our stakeholders and our impact on society in our value creation model.

How we create financial and economic value

As a technology company, we play a crucial social role in society. Without connectivity and communication, society and the economy would grind to a halt. It’s only with robust financial performance that we, as an organisation, are able to optimally fulfil this role and keep the Netherlands connected.