About VodafoneZiggo

We are VodafoneZiggo. We were created in 2017 as a joint venture from a merger between the Dutch activities of Vodafone Group and Liberty Global, namely Vodafone Netherlands and Ziggo respectively. As a Dutch company that is part of two international organisations, we focus on offering fixed, mobile and integrated communication and entertainment services to consumers and business users in the Dutch market. Together with the other operators in the Netherlands, we operate the best networks in Europe; together, we have coverage that covers almost the entire Netherlands, including rural areas, and we have a stable network. Together with the ports, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and our deeply-rooted business acumen, the networks in the Netherlands are of great value to our investment and innovation climate.

We are one company with two brands:

Vodafone: one of the most innovative brands in the market for mobile telecommunications services. Vodafone has the largest 4G network, was the first to introduce 5G in the Netherlands and is viewed worldwide as the leader in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT).

And Ziggo: the brand of the Netherlands’ most intricate fixed network, which keeps 93% of all Dutch households connected via the Internet and Wi-Fi, but which is also the brand for digital television, exclusive films and series, the Ziggo Go app and, of course, Ziggo Sport.

We are VodafoneZiggo

Our workforce of approximately 8,000 employees work every day on valuable connections for society, 774 of whom work in our 127 stores spread throughout the Netherlands, 2,500 as service employees and 4,223 with a position at our offices. Or at least, that’s what it was like before COVID-19 struck. Since then, we have been mainly working at home. Our offices are located, among other places, in Utrecht, Eindhoven, and Maastricht, where possible within walking distance of a train station. Together with our people, we build and maintain our culture in which we stimulate entrepreneurial spirit, humour and decisiveness. We have a flat organisational structure in which we give all our people as much room as possible to both make and carry out decisions autonomously. Our values of Open Up, Team Up and Step Up help to steer our choices and our actions.

Our position in the telecommunications chain

Together with other technology companies, VodafoneZiggo is responsible for building and managing the infrastructure that is essential for a digital society. To this end, we work with suppliers who help us with construction, installation and maintenance work. Dutch companies and consumers subsequently make use of this network in order to be able to phone, surf the Internet and watch TV. Equipment is needed for optimal use of our network, such as mobile phones, modems and media boxes. This equipment is produced by vendors and suppliers. VodafoneZiggo buys these products from suppliers, often in collaboration with our parent companies Vodafone Group and Liberty Global. Our products are dispatched to the consumers via distribution partners and our services are purchased by our business customers, examples including our IoT solutions and our Unified Communications services.