Looking ahead

In 2021, as part of our cornerstone project ‘Technology for society’, we are developing a strategy to use connectivity solutions – both fixed and mobile – to have an even greater impact on society. In collaboration with various departments within out organisation, we are working on creating connections that bring people closer together AND help them to develop. In doing so, we are responding to the growing demand for IoT and GigaNet solutions in all sectors of industry. For instance, we are already working with our partners on smart office applications that optimise temperature and lighting in offices and are also researching virtual and augmented reality applications for games, but also, for example, for concerts.

We also want to keep on optimising our programmes. For instance, we see that the demand for robots for sick children under the Allies (Bondgenoten) programme exceeds the supply. We would like to scale up and extend the programme so that it can continue even without the support of the Vodafone Foundation. This is why in 2021 we will help the Netherlands Child and Hospital Foundation to draw up a strategic plan and find new partners.

Also in 2021, the Netherlands will become the location for the Instant Network Hub for Europe and Asia. As a result of this, the missions will depart from the Netherlands, where we will also be storing and maintaining the equipment. This new role means we will expand the Instant Network Hub team to carry out more research into what NGOs need in disaster areas and into the information that this programme provides. In 2021, we will start collaborating with a Dutch research partner for DreamLab. This will mean that users can make their phones’ processing power available not only for medical research in Australia, the United Kingdom and Italy, but also for Dutch research.