Looking ahead

Outside our organisation too, technological developments are following each other in rapid succession. We believe it’s important that anyone can take part (or continue taking part). Furthermore, we pay special attention to vulnerable social groups. We use various methods to try to teach them digital skills in order to improve their opportunities in society. This is why our aim is to help two million people to move forward during the period 2021-2025 and in this way to have a positive impact on reducing inequality of opportunity in the Netherlands.

In the coming years, we expect the pace of technological development to accelerate, both inside and outside our organisation. New technologies and IoT solutions will be integrated into people’s lives and become ‘normal’. As a result of COVID-19, working from home has caught on to an unprecedented extent and will become the new norm, also for our organisation.

It is our ambition to respond to these developments by becoming an even more data-driven, customer-oriented, agile and ‘digital first’ organisation. We predict that further innovation of new tools and technologies will be needed for this, as will learning and development programmes for our people so that they can handle these tools and technologies.

In addition, a change in our employees’ mentality will be important, in order to also embed this new way of working in our employees’ hearts and minds. For this reason, we have launched, among other things, a two-day simulation programme internally – the Go Digital Experience – for the managerial and executive levels. There is also a long-term plan to stimulate the required change in mentality among the leadership.