We are aware that our products and services have an environmental impact. Natural raw materials are needed for every product that is manufactured, packed and transported and our services cannot function without good data centres. As a result, we emit CO2, use natural resources and produce waste. We are aware of the detrimental impact this has on the environment and recognise the risks inherent in using natural capital. We do all we can to reduce this impact every year. What’s more, we aim to halve our environmental impact (measured in CO2) by the year 2025. Just like its parent companies Vodafone Group and Liberty Global, VodafoneZiggo has also committed itself to the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). In this way, our goals and ambitions actually contribute to achieving the climate targets set in Paris in 2015 of keeping global warming under 2°C (the aim is 1.5°C).

Our environment policy that should ensure that we really achieve the goals and aims laid down are founded on three key objectives:

  • Continuous improvement of our operational activities: ways we do this include implementing energy-saving measures such as installing energy-efficient equipment and smarter cooling systems, and doing business in a more circular way and reducing waste flows.

  • Enabling customers to make more environmentally friendly choices: one way we do this is by buying back used phones and giving them a second life.

  • Inspiring and encouraging our people to work and live in an environmentally conscious way: including by facilitating hybrid working and by limiting the use of lease cars to an absolute minimum by giving all employees – including our board – a Dutch Railways season ticket for unlimited trave